"IMO-Consalt" reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. Any changes will apply to the use of the site Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information when purchasing.

Services offered by Internet stores does not include the costs to be incurred by using computer equipment and services to access our site. "IMO-Consalt" is not responsible for the costs of phone, Internet traffic, or any other costs incurred when using the services on our website.

Although you "IMO-Consalt" seeks to give the best possible service offerings, we can not guarantee that the services on the website suit your needs. "IMO-Consalt" also can not guarantee that the service will be error-free. If an error occurs, please report them to our Contact Centre or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to remove it as quickly as possible.

Agreeing to these Terms you agree that all notices, agreements and other communications that we provide to you electronically will be spelled out in writing and exchanged via e-mail.

By agreeing to the conditions on our web site and clicking on the link "I Accept Terms and Conditions" you agree that:

  • - you read these Terms and agree with them
  • - consent to the use of your data in accordance with our privacy policy, and give their consent for the use of cookies ("cookies") for purposes of the application and make your reservation on our website
  • - you're older than 18 years, and that you use our services in good faith and exclusively with persons who are age appropriate for the use of our services

These conditions are determined by the process of ordering, payment, delivery, and reclamation of products and services that are offered on this site. Internet site at can be used for your personal use without charge for use, according to the following terms and conditions.

The seller is "IMO-Consalt", a customer is a visitor of these pages that fill the electronic order, send the seller and make payments via Bank or Bank wire.

  • Payment

Ordered products or services can be paid online with one of our payment options.

  • Ordering

Buyer ordered products or services through an electronic order form. Buyer is any person who ordered at least one electronic product, fill in the requested information and submit your order. All prices are in HRK (Croatian kuna).
The buyer has the additional ability to view prices in other major world currencies.

  • Complaints

Seller agrees to deliver the product or service that is technically correct and conforms to the description of products and services on a prominent website The picture that illustrates a product or service on our website does not have the actual appearance of products or services, and the buyer can not advertise this segment.

  • Copyright Protection

All content on this site are protected and all rights are reserved.
User agrees not to illegally copy and distribute content (images, texts, types of products and services, ...) on this website, or use for their own purposes any portion of these products.

  • Objection

If you are not satisfied with the product or services, you can file a written complaint to our address: "IMO-Consalt" vl Marijan Perica, Rijeka 51000, Slavinj 3, or send it by E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and requested a refund of the amount paid by specifying reasonable cause. "IMO-Consalt" is required to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 30 days. Objections must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery of services. Without grounds or objections shall be considered.

  • Hosting accounts

All new web hosting accounts purchased on our website is currently being put through our system. Upon registration you will receive two (2) message including the user data for authentication after purchase. In the case of unforeseen complications with various mail servers, and problems related to the connection between your ISP and "IMO-Consalt" this process can be somewhat slow.

  • Domain names, transfer domain

To redirect your domain name on the server where your account, you must change your DNS (Domain Name Servers) at your registry. This process is the transfer of the domain.

If you want to physically move your domain to "IMO-Consalt" continue with your original registry, you must create an account to and initiate the transfer. In order Start and Pro web design packages are entitled to free registration. Com,. Net,. Org,. Biz and. Info domains and the corresponding free hosting package for the first year of use, while in order Premium web Design package you are entitled to free registration. com, net,. org,. biz and. info domains for the first two years of use and Premium Wind free hosting for the first year. Extension of the domain for the following year shall be paid at the regular price of domain extensions. Offer applies only to pay for hosting service packages at one time in one year. 

"IMO-Consalt" will take the necessary measures to register the domain name of the user who requests it. Customer is responsible for the renewal of your domain name. "IMO-Consalt" does not assume responsibility if the user does not renew your domain name. If your domain name was registered through us you must check and take appropriate action to renew the domain name before the subscription period. We do not perform renewal subscription with your registry unless it is specifically requested by sending a query to our customer support.

  • Overdraft billing

Our services are programmed to accommodate the majority of scenarios for the different needs of our customers. However, your usage may vary and require additional allocations, specifically in the areas of storage and traffic to web sites. You must maintain your e-mail address updated within your CPanel, so that you can receive e-mail message when your account reaches certain limits determined solely by our system, for example, when the total consumption of bandwidth (traffic throughput) can grow to more than 80% the maximum available capacity. Then you can contact us to charter a larger quota for your account. If you do not contact us, the system will automatically shut down your site if it has resulted in exceeding the maximum available capacity of your account.

  • Compensation - unsubscribe

If for any reason, IMO Consalt Web Studio does not meet the specified service, proportionate compensation will be calculated and paid. Compensation will be paid if our policies regarding these services, and violated the "IMO-Consalt" forced to prematurely terminate our services. In the event that you request a subscription cancellation, once your subscription is canceled further use will be disabled. Then it will be deleted within 30 days. If for any reason, your subscription is canceled and remains canceled will be canceled after 30 days.

  • Content

Inappropriate and illegal content (written, scenic or designed) in the following areas will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate termination of services (in most cases the user will be able to save your files in the zip file).
- Racism, bigotry because of skin color, beliefs or religious beliefs, vulgar and obscene language towards anyone but himself, which was abusive and malicious content.

Allow adult content which is in accordance with the law. We also prefer that you rukovodite your website with and are responsible for its content. We do not have the resources and time needed for the continuous monitoring of your servers, which have growing and evolving content. However, if we are made aware of any questionable content we will discuss the case with you and ask for immediate correction. If any person contacts us about content they have found on our server that copyrights or if you want to remove, we require legal documentation to take any further action.

  • Spam, UCE, UBE

"IMO-Consalt" has no tolerance regarding to unauthorized commercial e-mail (UCE) and unsolicited bulk (mass-shipped) E-mail (UBE) as also known as SPAM. Electronic message is spam if:

  1. personal identification of the recipient and message content are insignificant because the message is equally applicable to other potential recipients
  2. the recipient has not issued explicit consent that he be sent to E-Mail
  3. transmitting and receiving messages to the recipient looks like it gives disproportionate benefit the sender.

You will be treated as "UCE / UBE Abuse" if you send E-mail to people who are not explicitly requested to receive e-mail from you. Sending the source of such E-mail message is irrelevant. After evaluation of the abuse, any "IMO-Consalt" users involved in such abuse will be suspended. Not only is spam an additional burden on the server, which can have a negative effect on performance and on the performance and reliability, but also the risk that the server is placed on the list of undesirable server. If your web site be used for sending E-mail to subscribers, this is a list of rules to which you are required to comply with:

  1. You should not try to hide, forge or illegally running an e-mail sender and the web site that sent it.
  2. Bulk mailings (mass mailings) must specify the manner in which their e-mail addresses acquired and must specify the frequency of such submission.
  3. Mass E-mail should contain simple and obvious way to delete the mailing list. We recommend that this be a valid text link to the deletion from the list or a valid "reply to:" E-mail Address
  4. All subscriber e-mail addresses must have a valid non-electronic contact information to the sender or organization in the text of each e-mail message, or including a telephone number or the actual (real-physical) address of the sender.
  5. All mass e-mails should be preferred, which means that the sender has an existing relationship with the recipient's e-mail that can be proven, a recipient has not requested that his e-mail is sent.

It is forbidden to use IMO Consalt Web Studio servers, systems and services related to spam.

Sending unsolicited mass email (UBE, Spam)

Sending any unsolicited mass e-mail via the IMO-Consalt Web Studio servers is prohibited. Also, sending spam sent from another server for the purpose of advertising and promotion of web sites, e-mail address or use any offer provided to the IMO-Consalt Web Studio server is prohibited. Subscription service or the IMO-Consalt Web Studio server can be used to promote the subscribers, collecting responses, and messages sent from another Internet service provider if those messages violate this policy manual.

Distributing unconfirmed mailing lists

Subscribe E-mail addresses to any mailing list without the express permission of the owner is prohibited. All mailing lists used by the IMO-Consalt Web Studio subscribers have to be a closed system (confirmed opt-in-solution). Confirmed subscription messages received from each address owner must be kept in the list for the entire existence of the mailing list. Buying a mailing list from a third party (someone else) to send through the IMO-Consalt Web Studio domain or connect to any assets IMO-Consalt Web Studio subscriber accounts are forbidden.

  • Responsibility

"IMO-Consalt" no endorsement, claims or promises regarding the services offered by our customers and will not be liable for any disputes or claims against said customers.
In no case, "IMO-Consalt" shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, resulting from, special or exemplary damages or any damages whatsoever, arising from the use or performance of this website or any information, services or products provided through a web page. We are not responsible for the content of any server in our network, and will not take any action against any questionable (suspicious) material or action until the web page in question can not be reported to our department for abuse via e-mail.


All issues that can arise from failure to comply with the provisions of these Terms by any party will first try to resolve by peaceful means, or by entering into a settlement agreement and the parties out of court. Otherwise, the jurisdiction of the competent court in Rijeka.

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